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May 17, 2019

I am so happy to bring you this conversation with another 💖 badass rocking babe! 💖 This week features Jo Placencio, a shining light in the world. She's an example of everything that she puts out: just like her blog,, she is all about more love and more peace and more shining in the glammest way while she does it all. She just turned 50, and she has only been doing what she does and creating her following in the last 18 months as of this recording. It's so impressive how people are drawn to her and how she remains exactly who she is- beautiful, authentic, fun, and a loving person who genuinely believes that we all deserve to be lifted up and can all rise to our highest potential.

For sure follow fabulous Jo on Instagram at @JoPlacencio and at @Glam_Soiree! And don't forget to rate and review, subscribe, and share with a friend! Peace and love, friends!