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Jun 29, 2016

This is it! The Season 3 finale of The Real Show podcast series, featuring Inspiring and Influential Women! This week, host and RY founder Amy Edwards was uber-thrilled to finally sit down with Austin-based artist and visionary Flip Solomon. Flip is an ethereal, horizon-expanding woman who marches to her own beat, goes beyond this dimension and is just a generally fascinating individual.

We are thrilled to have Flip on as the finale to the Inspiring and Influential Women series. She is a thriving artist with a stunning and distinct style, and on top of that, she's a single mom who manages life with intense sleep disorders. She also shares her manifestation rituals, lets everyone in on where she finds inspiration, and tells us about the interesting and cool projects she's working on currently, among lots of other cool stuff.

Flip is one of those people that you could talk to for hours, because she's extremely knowledgeable, incredibly enlightened, and kind. So, that said, we kinda went over the 30-minute rule on this episode. Find the usual shortcuts listed below, but you've got the rest of summer to listen to this full episode, and to all the other wonderful interviews! The Real Show remains free and always available on Stitcher, iTunes, or Libsyn; click to download it, or stream below. And we're off with Flip:

  • 02:54 // Sleep talk
  • 04:51 // What thriving means in her world
  • 05:19 // The truth about narcolepsy
  • 08:03 // Getting 'down' and taking care of yourself
  • 11:40 // Pre-art life and progression
  • 14:19 // Where you can sit and see her work in Austin!
  • 18:45 // The upside to all of it
  • 20:48 // Meditation!
  • 25:07// Unexpected gifts
  • 27:02 // Searching, suffering & holistic medicine
  • 28:03 // Points of attraction
  • 31:31 // Entanglement and the photo (see below)
  • 33:32 // Oneness & ego
  • 37:45 // A manifestation how-to
  • 40:32 // Extra-sensory smell!
  • 41:42 // Who inspires her
  • 46:51 // Defining ourselves...or not
  • 52:26 // Advice and attention
  • 53:37 // Very cool new project
  • 56:12 // Lakshmi
  • 57:20 // SPEED ROUND! Foxes or bunnies? Black or white? Mermaids or elves? All that and more!


Don't miss checking out Flip's stunning art on her website, and follow her on Instagram or Facebook at The Art of Flip Solomon. You can also find her at her studio in Austin, located in Canopy, Studio 201 (Canopy is also the hub for the East Austin Studio Tours in November, so it's a great destination for EAST).

blackbuck The photo of the black buck

And so, this does it for The Real Show's Season 3 Inspiring and Influential Women series. Subscribe to RY below, or to The Real Show, to find out what's coming on Season 4 this fall!

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