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Jun 22, 2016

We're deep into Season 3 of The Real Show podcast, featuring Inspiring and Influential Women! Only two episodes left, and in this week's episode, #8, host and RY founder Amy Edwards has an outdoor chat over rosé with bad-ass boss-lady Masha Poloskova, a game changer in the Austin vintage, resale, and modern clothing scenes. Masha owns Moss Designer Consignment and Garment Vintage + Modern, and was an original founder of Feathers on South Congress.

We were thrilled to have Masha join us on the Inspiring and Influential Women series. She has incredible advice as a business owner and she is a true fashion lover. She tells us about the realities of having a brick-and-mortar and shares killer business tidbits, like the number one crucial element in business for her. And of course, we discuss fashion and vintage and the ones that got away!

This podcast was recorded while sitting outside at the beautiful Hotel St Cecilia, so there's a lot of wind noise (we'll call it "outdoor realism enhancement"), but grab your glass of rosé and join... you'll feel like you're sitting right there! Shortcuts are below, but the idea is to listen to the whole thing over lunch- or that aforementioned drink, of course! And as usual, The Real Show is free and available on Stitcher, iTunes, or Libsyn; click to download it, or listen below. So let's roll, and hear all Masha has to share, while blowin' in the wind!

  • 02:34 // The wine's a-pourin'
  • 03:29 // Where she finds inspiration
  • 04:02 // WIND. Push through it.
  • 04:14 // Art + Fashion
  • 04:46 // First Monday in May
  • 06:10 // Starting out
  • 09:49 // Business real-chat
  • 10:14 // Partnerships or sinking ships?
  • 12:13 // #1 most important thing in business
  • 14:40 // Thinking big
  • 17:08 // Happy vs. not
  • 18:26 // AHHHH VINTAGE
  • 20:58 // Yes, fashion can make you cry
  • 23:08 // Does she ever want to give up?
  • 24:39 // Icons
  • 25:18 // A favorite blog!
  • 26:52 // SPEED ROUND! Too much or never enough? Go home or have another drink? Birkin or Kelly? All that and more!

Learn more about all things Masha- and peruse her incredible vintage finds- at Garment online or in person, at 701-F South Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX, 78704, or follow them on Instagram or Facebook, or find Moss as well!

Up next week for our final episode in the Inspiring and Influential Women series is artist Flip Solomon, and ethereal, horizon-expanding individual who goes beyond this dimension and is utterly fascinating. Don't miss! Subscribe today!