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Jun 8, 2016

RY magazine's The Real Show Podcast Season 3 continues this week with another episode (number 6!) of the Inspiring and Influential Women series. Amy has a wonderful chat with Stephanie Coultress O'Neill, the founder and owner of the renowned Austin boutique Estilo.

If you've ever dreamed of starting a business or opening your own store, or want to know what it's really like, then tune in to all Stephanie has to share. There's excellent advice for everyone to take away from this conversation. Whether it's hard work, location problems, keeping on top of cash flow, staying afloat through a recession, or getting married and starting a family in the midst of it all, she's been through it. She's candid and real and is never, ever, afraid to tell it like it is. She's one of our favorite people, and we bet she'll be one of yours, too, as soon as you get to know her.

We've got shortcuts below, of course, but the whole thing is worth it. (I know we say that every episode, but it's always true! We really mean it!) The Real Show is free and available on Stitcher or iTunes, as well as available for download on Libsyn. Okay, onto what's kickin' in this episode with Steph:

  • 04:54 // The reality of motherhood and the new normal
  • 07:29 // Salary and starting your own business
  • 08:52 // Getting too comfortable
  • 09:27 // How it "should be"
  • 12:54 // Her go-to business advice
  • 14:24 // Her favorite thing she's learned
  • 16:01 // What does she do when she feels like falling apart?
  • 17:39 // MANTRA
  • 21:14 // Therapy, issues, and the importance of journaling
  • 24:31 // What does success look like?
  • 29:27 // The biggest thing that's changed in her business-mind
  • 30:30 // Money advice... for everyone
  • 32:14 // Steph's style icon
  • 28:16 // SPEED ROUND! Jeans or dress? Do it all or do what you can? In the moment or what's next? All that and more!

Find Stephanie at Estilo online, or on Estilo's Instagram or Facebook. You can drop by their beautiful new location that was mentioned anytime, too, at 2727 Exposition Blvd. Ste 121, Austin, TX, 78703. 

If you're enjoying this series, please share your thoughts- we'd love to hear from you! We would like to note also that none of our interviews have been paid. We choose women who we truly believe are inspiring, who are influencers, and who are living their dreams. So subscribe on iTunes, mark The Real Show on your Stitcher app, or stream on Libsyn or here in this post, and catch up on the whole series!

Next week RYmagazine's TRS will be chatting with the incredible Maria Groten, co-owner of Love Cycling Studio. She's so love-ly and inspiring, and TRS kept it real by recording in the cycling studio- it's pretty crazy! Not to be missed! Subscribe today!

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