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Jun 1, 2016

The Real Show podcast Episode 5, Season 3 continues the real and relatable conversations with amazing women who are dreaming it and doing it, in our Inspiring and Influential Women series. Amy talks this episode with author Kelly Green, who recently released her first book, a memoir titled "Back in the Game: My Year of Dating Dangerously."

Kelly is a divorced mother of four (yes, four!) who works full-time as well as travels extensively, and she has now added author to her already impressive resumé. Get inspired whether you're searching for connection in life after divorce or looking for some encouragement to live out a dream you've always had- like Kelly did with writing this book!

As usual, here are a few shortcuts if you need them- but this a quick, inspiring, and fab convo with a smart, highly accomplished woman, one who also is beautiful inside and out. We recommend listening to the whole thing over lunch or in traffic! And remember, The Real Show is always free and streamable on Stitcher or iTunes, as well as downloadable on Libsyn. Check out:

  • 03:55 //  The rewards of writing for Kelly
  • 05:22 //  What pushed her to do this
  • 07:44 //  Post book growth...where does it lead?
  • 09:01 //  What this journey is really about
  • 09:59 //  Taking care of YOU
  • 12:32 //  How are the dudes handling this book??
  • 14:02 //  Feminism chit-chat
  • 18:45 //  Facing judgment and a pic in her panties
  • 20:17 //  The best thing she's learned through all this
  • 21:48 //  Social media in her world
  • 23:40 //  The mom side of things, and the MAIN thing with the kids
  • 25:02 //  What's next??
  • 26:36 //  The leaf blowers show up
  • 28:16 //  SPEED ROUND! Leo or Redford? Hamptons or Aspen? FOMO or not missing a thing? All that and more!

Follow Kelly on Instagram and Facebook, where you can mark your calendar to meet her in person at her book signings- including this one coming up Monday, July 6, 7pm in Austin, Texas at Bookpeople. And of course order or download her book "Back in the Game" on Amazon- it's the quintessential summer paperback!

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Next week TRS will be getting real with the lovely and candid Stephanie Coultress, owner of Estilo Boutique. She's incredible and we learned a ton... don't miss! Subscribe today!