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May 25, 2016

The Real Show podcast Episode 4, Season 3 continues the fab conversations with amazing women who are dreaming it and doing it in this "Inspiring and Influential Women" series. Amy talks this episode with Jessica Mullen and Kelly Cree, who are manifestation experts, partners in business and in life, and co-founders of the amazing School of Life Design.

Jessica and Kelly are so open and honest and real, and an absolute blast to talk to. They believe that our thoughts create our reality, so we talk all about just exactly what that means, and how to deal with desires, outcomes, fears, judgments, and everything else in between. This podcast went long and could've very easily run longer, so don't worry if you want more- it's easy to find on their website (download free stuff here even) or at the market they've put together, or listen to find out where they are near you. Download or listen on iTunes for all that and more!

Here are a few shortcuts for when you're short on time, but listen to the whole awesome thing when you can- it's worth every second to hear what they have to say!

  • 05:49 //  The benefits of social media in manifesting
  • 10:49 //  How they publish (and you can too)
  • 14:47 //  Who got a tattoo when blacked out
  • 15:35 //  Money, honey
  • 21:07 //  What % of reality do we create?
  • 21:55 //  **VIBRATIONS!**
  • 24:35 //  Wants, and how they show up
  • 28:10 //  Choosing the magick life over fear
  • 34:11 //  Their true feelings on "hard work"
  • 39:24 //  A potion for bad drivers 
  • 41:41 //  The W word!
  • 44:58 //  SPEED ROUND! Witches or wizards? True Blood or Game of Thrones? Heart or soul? ...and much more!

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Next week TRS will be moving and shaking with Kelly Green, author of "Back in the Game: My Year of Dating Dangerously." Don't miss!