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May 18, 2016

RY's The Real Show podcast continues the Season 3 series, featuring 30-minute chats with amazing women who are dreaming it and doing it. Today, Amy sits down to chat with TV host, mom of three, and generally awesome babe Amanda Tatom for episode 3 of this "Inspiring and Influential Women" series.

This conversation features Amanda Tatom, 42, the host of KXAN's weekday lifestyle show Studio 512. Amanda not only gives Amy the pep talk she needed (really needed!), but she is real, funny, and shares everything from social media to shoes to the most valuable thing she has learned at her job. She's amazing. Trust us. Download or listen on iTunes for all that and more!

  • 03:36 //  Amy needs a pep talk....among other things
  • 05:01 //  Hear how she stays in the moment
  • 05:53 //  Social media realness
  • 07:32 //  The straight dirt on finding purpose
  • 08:28 //  How she really feels about her job...and why
  • 09:40 //  Time management with 3 kids?!...and the VERY best thing to do with them, even (especially) when you're busy
  • 12:30 //  Risk-taking and life
  • 16:50 //  The importance of showing up...and knowing when you just can't
  • 18:18 //  One of the *KEYS* of life
  • 20:08 //  To Spanx or not to Spanx
  • 21:33 //  What the world is ready for from women (!)
  • 22:34 //  The most important thing she's learned from her job
  • 25:54 //  SPEED ROUND! Mermaids or unicorns? Tina or Amy? Sophia Webster or Charlotte Olympia? ...And much more!


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Next week TRS will be talking manifesting and more with Jessica Mullen and Kelly Cree from School of Life Design. Get ready for that! We go way over time, but it's another incredible convo!