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May 4, 2016

Join The Real Show host and RY founder Amy Edwards as she sits down with Rianna Alberty for the first interview in TRS season 3 series, "Inspiring and Influential Women."

This season, it's all about short, 30-minute chats with amazing women who are dreaming it and doing it.

Episode 1 features Rianna Alberty, founder of RIMIX cosmetics. Rianna has started a cosmetics company herself, from scratch- hear how she did it, and get inspired!

Listen to the whole thing, or grab these shortcuts if you are low on time! Fast forward to:

  • 02:42, to hear how long she thought about this before pulling the trigger
  • 05:31, for what some of the scariest parts were for her
  • 08:54, THE most important thing to focus on (so good!)
  • 10:10, what's been totally worth it
  • 13:00, the latest RIMIX venture
  • 16:30, who inspires her and why
  • 18:30, how to get started!
  • 20:30, what Rianna can't live without
  • 22:00, how to get free stuff from RIMIX
  • 24:23, Amy asks her always burning question!
  • 26:30, SPEED ROUND! The Revolution or NPG? Loubs or Choos? And lots more!

Find out more about RIMIX and Rianna on the RIMIX website, and if you live in Austin, go check it out at the new space we talked about in the podcast!