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May 11, 2016

This week, The Real Show host and RY founder Amy Edwards sits down with 5-time Olympian and entrepreneur Amy Acuff for episode 2 in TRS season 3 series, "Inspiring and Influential Women," featuring 30-minute chats with amazing women who are dreaming it and doing it.

This episode features Amy Acuff, 40, a supremely inspiring woman who is poised to make it to her sixth Olympic games in the high-jump. Amy has also written an app to help her train, and started her own company around that (Winning Edge Apps). She's a mother of two, former model (with covers of Maxim and Playboy to her credit, too), and a trained acupuncturist. How does she do it all? Download or listen on iTunes for insight into her world of training and more, or grab these shortcuts if you're low on time!

  • 02:54 //  Rio in her future?
  • 03:20 //  hear how much she trains (and with kids, no less!)
  • 04:45 //  the big WHY?
  • 07:32 //  hear what keeps her driven
  • 09:10 //  and what she enjoys more than winning
  • 12:55 //  writing code? What? 
  • 15:23 //  the APP
  • 19:36 //  her thoughts on success vs. winning
  • 20:09 //  the straight dirt on her time management with kids
  • 22:54 //  all about body image (and that Playboy cover)
  • 26:20 //  The biggest thing she's learned in business
  • 28:46 //  SPEED ROUND TIME! Wheaties or SI? Win or succeed? And lots more!

Find out more about Amy on her lovely website, and if you compete or know someone who does, check out her Winning Edge apps that we discussed in the podcast!

Hope you are enjoying this series! Subscribe on iTunes, mark The Real Show on your Stitcher app, or just stream on Libsyn or right here.

Next week, join TRS as we chat with the incredibly funny, super-real, inspiring, and very talented host of KXAN's Studio512, Amanda Tatom!