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Mar 18, 2016
The Real Show S2 Ep6: What Takes Your Power, and How To Step Back Into It!

Join Amy as she has a conversation with author, blogger, speaker and pilates instructor Leslie Green, and gets more in-depth on Leslie's fantastic guest article "What Takes your Power? ...and one simple way to step back into it." We learn about how loving yourself is the key to holding on to your power...and what loving yourself even means, when it can be such a confusing term.

Read her article here:

For more on Leslie, check out,, or follow her on twitter @trustlifetoday. Or, connect on her wonderful Facebook group as well:


Mar 8, 2016
The Real Show S2 Ep5: Making waves and creating more power in your life

Join Amy as she chats with entrepreneur Bijou Finney and gets in-depth about Bijou's article "Making Waves." We learn more about what it really means to get powerful and stay powerful in your life, even when you can have moments that get you down (which we all do!).

Read her article here:

For more on Bijou, check out,, or follow her on Insta @bijoulea17 or on Twitter @ilovebijoulea!

Mar 4, 2016
The Real Show S2 Ep4: Guns, Laws and the POWER of Moms

Join Amy and she has a fantastic and in-depth conversation with Nicole, the head of the Austin Chapter of grass roots organization Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, a subsidiary of Everytown for Gun Safety. It's easy to feel helpless when it's a problem as huge as guns in the US, but listen to find out pragmatic and simple things you can do to contribute. Every person matters and makes a difference! Moms have POWER and bring real, substantial change!

Want to share this or learn more? Go to @momsdemand on Twitter, or head to Huge thanks to them and to Nicole for this interview!

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Feb 19, 2016
The Real Show S2 Ep 3: Social Media, Assumptions and Loving Yourself

Read the accompanying articles here:

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Jan 21, 2016

Join as Amy sits down with Randi Marks of Randi Marks Wellness (and now official RYmagazine guru) to talk change, love, fear, and how we choose to view ourselves. Randi offers incredible expertise and wisdom, and you can read the accompanying article to the podcast here! Learn more at or

Jan 18, 2016
The Real Show: Season 2, Episode 1

The Real Show is undergoing some changes for Season 2! Get the scoop on that and a few easy mantras to help you break through any barriers to change as we embrace a new year. More on all this and updates anytime at or!