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Dec 9, 2015
Episode 14: The Real, The Bad & The Beautiful feat. Bad JohnPaul Wilson and Nicole Franco

It's the Season 1 finale! The very candid, very fun Bad JohnPaul Wilson and his sometimes-fired-always-rehired right-hand beauty Nicole Franco come dish and laugh and share anything and everything- the beauty of books, content rationing, tramp stamps, who's a bigger diva- dudes or chicks, and much, much more. A great way to end the season!

(And you can go stalk BJP too at

Dec 2, 2015
Episode 13:  Living a real story that’s worth telling feat. Suzanne Weinert

This week's episode features a chat with accomplished producer and screenwriter Suzanne Weinert, founder of Flatiron Pictures. Warm, funny and interesting, Suzanne talks Hollywood vs. Austin vs. New York, risk-taking, Jennifer Coolidge, naming your company after a hair straightener (ok, kidding on that last one), and lots, lots more. Check it out! Episode 13 of The Real Show!

Nov 25, 2015
Episode 12: What we wear and what it means (or not) feat. Jim Duran of blkln Clothing

Jim Duran drops by to discuss clothing, gender, risk, wearing a uniform and all sorts of other fun stuff as we take on the topic of what our clothing says about us and how we should all be wearing black! More about Jim and blkln here:

or on Instagram @blklnclothing!

Nov 18, 2015
Episode 11:  Social Media & Image Realities Feat. Lola Laymon

Insecurities, body image, Essena O'Neill....we tackle all this and the realities (or is it non-realities?) of social media! Join guest Lola Laymon, who is full of amazing advice, as we break down what it means to live in a world of image and social media and still keep a positive outlook.

Follow Lola on Twitter @LolaLaymon or Instagram @liveitupLola!

Nov 11, 2015
Episode 10: Staying Real, Staying Relevant feat. LA Lloyd

He's Program Director of one of the longest running rock FM stations in Austin and host of a nationally syndicated radio program, so to say LA Lloyd has learned a thing or two over the years is an understatement. Listen up as we talk DJ-ing softball games, Halestorm, keeping up with the times, female prisons and lots more!

More here on LA Lloyd: LA Lloyd's Rock Countdown    //   LA Lloyd Daily     //    Twitter: @lalloyd    //    KLBJ FM Austin show

Nov 4, 2015
Episode 9: Playing Your Hand feat. Tucker Max

Tucker Max sits down and talks all things life, art and writing. He discusses his latest book, what women want, the REAL reason people hate him, what he thinks of indie bookstores and tons more! Check out Tucker and his new book here:

Oct 28, 2015
Episode 8: The Handbuilt Life

Alan Stulberg of Revival Cycles drops by to talk about everything from motorcycles, to style, to how he went from hating where he was in life to loving everything about it. Find out how Revival started, what he thinks of douchebag cars, where he got that hat and more on Episode 8!

Oct 21, 2015
Episode 7: SUCCESS feat. AJ Vallejo

AJ Vallejo, musician and Austin Chronicle's 2015 "Producer of the Year," sits down on The Real Show to talk music industry, makin' it, and his personal evolution of success. Never one to hold back, he gives a candid look at life, sex, labels, and thoughts of running away to Thailand! All that and more on Episode 7!
More on AJ here:

Oct 14, 2015
Episode 6: The

Artist Mike Johnston, otherwise known as "Truth," joins for a chat over tacos about what truth really means, identifying as a redhead, his best and worst, and traveling to India. A fantastic talk with an amazing artist and person- don't miss it!

Oct 7, 2015
Episode 5: Life in a DIY World with Elena Weinberg and Ivy Koehler of #ATOWN the series

Join Amy and as she chats with Elena Weinberg and Ivy Koehler (producers, writers and stars of #ATOWN the series). They talk about the power of ‘just do it', web series how-to, overcoming fear, Facebook algorithms, the dangers of Snapchat and Elijah Wood’s reaction to Juan’s nipple.

Sep 29, 2015
Episode 4: The Real World of Podcasting (and more) with Johnny Goudie

Amy talks podcasting, self-doubt, music, inconvenient bathroom trips and more on this episode with a super-real, super-fun dude: Johnny Goudie! Don't miss his podcast 'How Did I Get Here?' and be sure to check out the song Johnny talked about, "You Can't Pretend Forever," here!

And, the intro features a drop in from Kristina Krause, Amy's old bandmate from The Cover Girls! More about Kris here and all her new music, here!

Sep 22, 2015
Episode 3: Real Life on Tour with Dwight Baker

Join Amy as she chats with Dwight Baker: musician, music producer and one half of the duo The Wind + The Wave. We go in depth about life on the road without your family, finding your tribe, Trailer Park Boys, hangovers and more!

Sep 15, 2015
Episode 2: Real Style with Sarah Ellison Lewis

Talking style, small biz, appreciating your roots, and dinner with the Beckhams this week on The Real Show! Featuring fashion stylist-turned-entrepreneur Sarah Ellison Lewis of Bootleg market, one of the best-dressed people around…. and Sarah even imparts some style advice. Don't miss!

Sep 8, 2015
Episode 1: Keeping it Real with Nak Armstrong

Join Amy and CFDA award-winning jeweler Nak Armstrong as they talk about authenticity, creativity, friend breakups and dude makeup. You never know where things are going to go on The Real Show!

See Nak's amazing work at