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Jun 29, 2016
TRS Season 3, Episode 9: Inspiring and Influential Women feat. Flip Solomon

This is it! The Season 3 finale of The Real Show podcast series, featuring Inspiring and Influential Women! This week, host and RY founder Amy Edwards was uber-thrilled to finally sit down with Austin-based artist and visionary Flip Solomon. Flip is an ethereal, horizon-expanding woman who marches to her own beat, goes beyond this dimension and is just a generally fascinating individual.

We are thrilled to have Flip on as the finale to the Inspiring and Influential Women series. She is a thriving artist with a stunning and distinct style, and on top of that, she's a single mom who manages life with intense sleep disorders. She also shares her manifestation rituals, lets everyone in on where she finds inspiration, and tells us about the interesting and cool projects she's working on currently, among lots of other cool stuff.

Flip is one of those people that you could talk to for hours, because she's extremely knowledgeable, incredibly enlightened, and kind. So, that said, we kinda went over the 30-minute rule on this episode. Find the usual shortcuts listed below, but you've got the rest of summer to listen to this full episode, and to all the other wonderful interviews! The Real Show remains free and always available on Stitcher, iTunes, or Libsyn; click to download it, or stream below. And we're off with Flip:

  • 02:54 // Sleep talk
  • 04:51 // What thriving means in her world
  • 05:19 // The truth about narcolepsy
  • 08:03 // Getting 'down' and taking care of yourself
  • 11:40 // Pre-art life and progression
  • 14:19 // Where you can sit and see her work in Austin!
  • 18:45 // The upside to all of it
  • 20:48 // Meditation!
  • 25:07// Unexpected gifts
  • 27:02 // Searching, suffering & holistic medicine
  • 28:03 // Points of attraction
  • 31:31 // Entanglement and the photo (see below)
  • 33:32 // Oneness & ego
  • 37:45 // A manifestation how-to
  • 40:32 // Extra-sensory smell!
  • 41:42 // Who inspires her
  • 46:51 // Defining ourselves...or not
  • 52:26 // Advice and attention
  • 53:37 // Very cool new project
  • 56:12 // Lakshmi
  • 57:20 // SPEED ROUND! Foxes or bunnies? Black or white? Mermaids or elves? All that and more!


Don't miss checking out Flip's stunning art on her website, and follow her on Instagram or Facebook at The Art of Flip Solomon. You can also find her at her studio in Austin, located in Canopy, Studio 201 (Canopy is also the hub for the East Austin Studio Tours in November, so it's a great destination for EAST).

blackbuck The photo of the black buck

And so, this does it for The Real Show's Season 3 Inspiring and Influential Women series. Subscribe to RY below, or to The Real Show, to find out what's coming on Season 4 this fall!

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Jun 22, 2016

We're deep into Season 3 of The Real Show podcast, featuring Inspiring and Influential Women! Only two episodes left, and in this week's episode, #8, host and RY founder Amy Edwards has an outdoor chat over rosé with bad-ass boss-lady Masha Poloskova, a game changer in the Austin vintage, resale, and modern clothing scenes. Masha owns Moss Designer Consignment and Garment Vintage + Modern, and was an original founder of Feathers on South Congress.

We were thrilled to have Masha join us on the Inspiring and Influential Women series. She has incredible advice as a business owner and she is a true fashion lover. She tells us about the realities of having a brick-and-mortar and shares killer business tidbits, like the number one crucial element in business for her. And of course, we discuss fashion and vintage and the ones that got away!

This podcast was recorded while sitting outside at the beautiful Hotel St Cecilia, so there's a lot of wind noise (we'll call it "outdoor realism enhancement"), but grab your glass of rosé and join... you'll feel like you're sitting right there! Shortcuts are below, but the idea is to listen to the whole thing over lunch- or that aforementioned drink, of course! And as usual, The Real Show is free and available on Stitcher, iTunes, or Libsyn; click to download it, or listen below. So let's roll, and hear all Masha has to share, while blowin' in the wind!

  • 02:34 // The wine's a-pourin'
  • 03:29 // Where she finds inspiration
  • 04:02 // WIND. Push through it.
  • 04:14 // Art + Fashion
  • 04:46 // First Monday in May
  • 06:10 // Starting out
  • 09:49 // Business real-chat
  • 10:14 // Partnerships or sinking ships?
  • 12:13 // #1 most important thing in business
  • 14:40 // Thinking big
  • 17:08 // Happy vs. not
  • 18:26 // AHHHH VINTAGE
  • 20:58 // Yes, fashion can make you cry
  • 23:08 // Does she ever want to give up?
  • 24:39 // Icons
  • 25:18 // A favorite blog!
  • 26:52 // SPEED ROUND! Too much or never enough? Go home or have another drink? Birkin or Kelly? All that and more!

Learn more about all things Masha- and peruse her incredible vintage finds- at Garment online or in person, at 701-F South Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX, 78704, or follow them on Instagram or Facebook, or find Moss as well!

Up next week for our final episode in the Inspiring and Influential Women series is artist Flip Solomon, and ethereal, horizon-expanding individual who goes beyond this dimension and is utterly fascinating. Don't miss! Subscribe today!

Jun 15, 2016
TRS Season 3, Episode 7: Inspiring and Influential Women feat. Maria Groten

Season 3, Episode 7 of The Real Show podcast with Amy Edwards sits down this week with the inspiring and incredible Maria Groten, co-founder and co-owner of Austin's LOVE Cycling Studio. Maria is an uplifting person with a deep, beautiful soul, who strives to be better all the time and to always, always, be about LOVE. We can definitely get on board with that!

Maria is a fun, authentic, driven and motivating woman, a perfect fit for the Inspiring and Influential Women series. Maria shares so much about her philosophy of life, and in turn, how she upholds everything she believes in throughout her business. Inspiring, for sure, and super impressive. She also makes great points about how pushing yourself physically can bring breakthroughs spiritually. It's her "spinistry," and yeah, it rocks.

We recorded this podcast in the LOVE Cycling Studio, so it's the real-real: there's music blasting from a class in session, people in and out of the office, and phones ringing, so get ready! Find the shortcuts listed below, but know that all that Maria shares is wonderful and worth the 30-minute listen, naturally! Remember, The Real Show is always free and you can find it on Stitcher or iTunes, download it on Libsyn, or listen below. Here are the current shortcuts with the love-ly Maria Groten:

  • 03:44 // "Spinistry"
  • 04:31 // Amy comes up with a new t-shirt slogan!
  • 05:11 // The "beautiful equation"
  • 08:25 // How she started and that guy who motivated her
  • 10:45 // Yes, she got scared
  • 12:40 // Spin and meditation
  • 14:58 // What and who inspires Maria?
  • 18:07 // "But I can't...." answers
  • 20:16 // Age as not limiting (and the key element)
  • 21:41 // Running a business and having a partner
  • 23:02 // B.C.S.I.T.W.
  • 23:58 // Biggest highlights of this...and the importance of giving back
  • 26:55 // What pushing yourself physically can bring to your spirit
  • 27:24 // Her #1 body image rule
  • 30:00 // Her story, and dealing with tragedy and loss
  • 32:11 // SPEED ROUND! Flashdance or Footloose? Bike or walk? Rest or hustle? All that and more!

Learn more about LOVE (or better yet, book a class!) on their website, or follow them on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also find Maria personally on Instagram, too, or all her playlists on Spotify!

We hope you're enjoying the series! And a quick note: we'd like to share Episode 4 of Season 2 in the wake of the Orlando shootings. You may be searching for a way to take action on gun violence. Listen to the chat with the very inspiring and very influential Nicole from Moms Demand Action to find out more about what you can do to incite change on this hotbed issue. Find the article here, or subscribe on iTunes, mark The Real Show on your Stitcher app, or stream on Libsyn.

TRS sits down next week with Masha Poloskova, owner of Moss and Garment, who is the avant-garde boss-lady of the modern, resale and vintage scene in Austin. Can't wait to hear all she has to share about business and life and of course, fashion! Subscribe today!

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Jun 8, 2016
TRS Season 3, Episode 6: Inspiring and Influential Women feat. Stephanie Coultress

RY magazine's The Real Show Podcast Season 3 continues this week with another episode (number 6!) of the Inspiring and Influential Women series. Amy has a wonderful chat with Stephanie Coultress O'Neill, the founder and owner of the renowned Austin boutique Estilo.

If you've ever dreamed of starting a business or opening your own store, or want to know what it's really like, then tune in to all Stephanie has to share. There's excellent advice for everyone to take away from this conversation. Whether it's hard work, location problems, keeping on top of cash flow, staying afloat through a recession, or getting married and starting a family in the midst of it all, she's been through it. She's candid and real and is never, ever, afraid to tell it like it is. She's one of our favorite people, and we bet she'll be one of yours, too, as soon as you get to know her.

We've got shortcuts below, of course, but the whole thing is worth it. (I know we say that every episode, but it's always true! We really mean it!) The Real Show is free and available on Stitcher or iTunes, as well as available for download on Libsyn. Okay, onto what's kickin' in this episode with Steph:

  • 04:54 // The reality of motherhood and the new normal
  • 07:29 // Salary and starting your own business
  • 08:52 // Getting too comfortable
  • 09:27 // How it "should be"
  • 12:54 // Her go-to business advice
  • 14:24 // Her favorite thing she's learned
  • 16:01 // What does she do when she feels like falling apart?
  • 17:39 // MANTRA
  • 21:14 // Therapy, issues, and the importance of journaling
  • 24:31 // What does success look like?
  • 29:27 // The biggest thing that's changed in her business-mind
  • 30:30 // Money advice... for everyone
  • 32:14 // Steph's style icon
  • 28:16 // SPEED ROUND! Jeans or dress? Do it all or do what you can? In the moment or what's next? All that and more!

Find Stephanie at Estilo online, or on Estilo's Instagram or Facebook. You can drop by their beautiful new location that was mentioned anytime, too, at 2727 Exposition Blvd. Ste 121, Austin, TX, 78703. 

If you're enjoying this series, please share your thoughts- we'd love to hear from you! We would like to note also that none of our interviews have been paid. We choose women who we truly believe are inspiring, who are influencers, and who are living their dreams. So subscribe on iTunes, mark The Real Show on your Stitcher app, or stream on Libsyn or here in this post, and catch up on the whole series!

Next week RYmagazine's TRS will be chatting with the incredible Maria Groten, co-owner of Love Cycling Studio. She's so love-ly and inspiring, and TRS kept it real by recording in the cycling studio- it's pretty crazy! Not to be missed! Subscribe today!

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Jun 1, 2016
TRS Season 3, Episode 5: Inspiring and Influential Women feat. Kelly Green

The Real Show podcast Episode 5, Season 3 continues the real and relatable conversations with amazing women who are dreaming it and doing it, in our Inspiring and Influential Women series. Amy talks this episode with author Kelly Green, who recently released her first book, a memoir titled "Back in the Game: My Year of Dating Dangerously."

Kelly is a divorced mother of four (yes, four!) who works full-time as well as travels extensively, and she has now added author to her already impressive resumé. Get inspired whether you're searching for connection in life after divorce or looking for some encouragement to live out a dream you've always had- like Kelly did with writing this book!

As usual, here are a few shortcuts if you need them- but this a quick, inspiring, and fab convo with a smart, highly accomplished woman, one who also is beautiful inside and out. We recommend listening to the whole thing over lunch or in traffic! And remember, The Real Show is always free and streamable on Stitcher or iTunes, as well as downloadable on Libsyn. Check out:

  • 03:55 //  The rewards of writing for Kelly
  • 05:22 //  What pushed her to do this
  • 07:44 //  Post book growth...where does it lead?
  • 09:01 //  What this journey is really about
  • 09:59 //  Taking care of YOU
  • 12:32 //  How are the dudes handling this book??
  • 14:02 //  Feminism chit-chat
  • 18:45 //  Facing judgment and a pic in her panties
  • 20:17 //  The best thing she's learned through all this
  • 21:48 //  Social media in her world
  • 23:40 //  The mom side of things, and the MAIN thing with the kids
  • 25:02 //  What's next??
  • 26:36 //  The leaf blowers show up
  • 28:16 //  SPEED ROUND! Leo or Redford? Hamptons or Aspen? FOMO or not missing a thing? All that and more!

Follow Kelly on Instagram and Facebook, where you can mark your calendar to meet her in person at her book signings- including this one coming up Monday, July 6, 7pm in Austin, Texas at Bookpeople. And of course order or download her book "Back in the Game" on Amazon- it's the quintessential summer paperback!

Are you are enjoying this series? We always welcome your feedback, so let us know! And you can subscribe on iTunes, mark The Real Show on your Stitcher app, or just stream on Libsyn or here in this post.

Next week TRS will be getting real with the lovely and candid Stephanie Coultress, owner of Estilo Boutique. She's incredible and we learned a ton... don't miss! Subscribe today!