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Oct 30, 2015
DAY 30 #RockYourLife!

It’s inherent in the title: rockSTAR. Stars create their own burning light.
Review and maintain the habits you’ve built, and keep up with those little things that accumulate more often than not. And remember, motion is always better than stagnation. As long as you are learning something, that can be viewed as success. You got through this 30 days, and that in itself is success!

You hold the power to create your rocking life! And you deserve the best that life has to offer! Shine on, ROCKSTAR!

Oct 29, 2015
DAY 29 #RockYourLife!

Today, we write our Will Manifesto. Wanting can be irritating, because it feels like wishing. But by simply changing one word, all those things become reality rather than a dream.

Think about how much more power these statements have with ‘will’ as you start your own Will Manifesto:
I will work harder today.
I will only compete with myself.
I will lift others up.
I will be the bigger person.
I will step outside my comfort zone.
I will follow my own path.
I will ignore fear.
I will believe in my own magic.
I will ROCK life in the way only I can!

Oct 28, 2015
Episode 8: The Handbuilt Life

Alan Stulberg of Revival Cycles drops by to talk about everything from motorcycles, to style, to how he went from hating where he was in life to loving everything about it. Find out how Revival started, what he thinks of douchebag cars, where he got that hat and more on Episode 8!

Oct 28, 2015
DAY 28 #RockYourLife!

Good enough is just getting it done. Good enough ignores the details. Good enough doesn’t take time to find the flaws and fix ‘em. Good enough means half-assed.

But what’s GREAT? Are we talking about perfection? Of course not- I’m not sure perfection even exists! GREAT is the absolute best you can put out there. It’s attention to the little things that can make all the difference.

You can spend too much time “getting it right.” You have to do things the best you can, and then there comes a point when you have to let go. Worrying too much about perfection is detrimental to success. Create the best thing you can, get it out there, and move on.

Oct 27, 2015
DAY 27 #RockYourLife

Like it or not, people are creating impressions of you from what they see. It’s not about age, weight, or money spent. It’s about confidence and it’s about YOU. Embrace your quirks and imperfections, express yourself, and play to the good stuff. Have fun and don’t miss the opportunity that style offers.

So add a little edge today, add a little something that expresses you or that you just simply love! I mean, what rock star doesn’t have style? You ARE rocking your life, after all. Why not look the part?

Oct 26, 2015
DAY 26 #RockYourLife

Comparison is all about competition. Where do we fall in the ranking? Are we winning or losing? Are we wanted or unwanted?

So what can we constructively do to help remedy this?

You have to rock in the way that ONLY you can. Compare you to you. You can make the choices today. And compared to yesterday’s version, you are winning and moving up on the charts.

Oct 25, 2015
DAY 25 #RockYourLife!

You know how a song gets stuck in your head, and plays over and over? We get all kinds of ‘songs’ stuck in our head. And the rest of us- our body, our mind, our will- is listening. What’s on repeat seeps down into our soul and our subconcious.

Start simple and small, and hit repeat. Believing is finding motivation even when you don’t have any, and replaying a positive message can make all the difference. How are you talking to yourself? Get a new song stuck in your head today!

Oct 24, 2015
DAY 24 #RockYourLife!

Today is about your beat. Your true story, and being who you really are.

Take a look at what's within you and lay it out there. Say what you ARE. Own it. That is the rock star! Be true to that beat within you.

Oct 23, 2015
DAY 23 #RockYourLife!

Self-discipline is tough to maintain. So I have come up with what I call “The Majority Rule.” Simply put: I try to do what’s good for me, what’s healthy, and what I need to be doing to achieve my goals more often than not.

I believe that you have to live your life, and as long as you know that you are spending more time working for what you want rather than not, that’s WINNING!

Oct 22, 2015
DAY 22 #RockYourLife!

Today, we assess where we are in relation to our goal and the actions we are taking.
In addition, we will REASSESS.

Writing down and reading through your accrued accomplishments can set you on a path to more, because it helps you see what you are capable of! It’s all too easy to forget what we have achieved. You can do anything you put your mind to!

Oct 21, 2015
DAY 21 #RockYourLife!

FAILURE is stopping. FAILURE is ceasing to try. It’s not falling down, or missing the shot, or not getting the accolades.

REAL SUCCESS is movement forward.Real success is pushing beyond what you know you can do, into new territory. Real success is not stopping; it’s figuring it out, and it’s never letting yourself give up.

Push yourself. That’s success.

Oct 21, 2015
Episode 7: SUCCESS feat. AJ Vallejo

AJ Vallejo, musician and Austin Chronicle's 2015 "Producer of the Year," sits down on The Real Show to talk music industry, makin' it, and his personal evolution of success. Never one to hold back, he gives a candid look at life, sex, labels, and thoughts of running away to Thailand! All that and more on Episode 7!
More on AJ here:

Oct 20, 2015
DAY 20 #RockYourLife!

I believe that rock stars - true rock stars - are kind. For the remainder of this series, do one nice thing for someone else each day. This is another practice that is centered on training ourselves to think in a new way. This daily act aids in developing us into the best, most rockin’ version of ourselves possible. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Oct 19, 2015
DAY 19 #RockYourLife!

Most of the time, fears boil down to two things:
♦︎ Fear of doing something outside of our comfort zone, or
♦︎ Fear of what people will think.

Look underneath your fear today and boil down what's really underneath it. And remember, too, that people have done it before and survived, and you will too. Plus, it’ll be easier to face your fear next time! To rock your life, ya gotta roll through the fear!

Oct 18, 2015
DAY 18 #RockYourLife!

You want to find the people you resonate with. But you also want to find what resonates with you. Think today about what matters to you, your life, and your goal, and what type of community might suit you.

Take time to look for that in your area or on the internet. Knowing that there is a group that understands you can make you more accepting of everything about yourself. And when you have that confidence, you will connect better building your own rockin’ tribe!

Oct 17, 2015
DAY 17 #RockYourLife

You are the star who makes it happen, not the one who waits for someone else to do it for you. Think hard today on what it means for you to make your own rules. Each time you write, starting today, train yourself to think outside the way it’s been done. If you really didn’t care what anyone thought, what would you do? I figure, as long as we aren’t hurting anyone, then WHY NOT?!

Oct 16, 2015
DAY 16 #RockYourLife!

I believe that we have to stay alert and open to the opportunities all around us. Yes, we keep moving and creating, but we also notice when something comes our way and we can grab that chance, go through that open door.

Life is all about that FLOW. Take a moment today to assess a time in your life when an opportunity came your way and you tried something unexpected and it led you to new things, and write that today! You got that rock and roll flow!

Oct 15, 2015
DAY 15 #RockYourLife!

Today, consider if you have a specific outcome in mind and what’s behind it. What are the feelings or bigger dreams you are seeking? It it connection? Validation? A lifestyle? Remember that there are many roads to get where you are going, and life often has plans for us we could never have imagined.

FOCUS, but don’t be RIGID. Try to open up to the possibilities today. And remember, each outcome builds to the next. You never know what’s coming! Rock and roll!

Oct 14, 2015
#RockYourLife Day 14!

It seems so antithetical to talk rock and roll and equate it with routine! But remember: the routine of practice and learning scales is what builds the freedom of the guitar solo.

Think today about your routines and working habits and take action to make them ones that serve you. What do you need to change? What do you need more of?

Oct 14, 2015
Episode 6: The

Artist Mike Johnston, otherwise known as "Truth," joins for a chat over tacos about what truth really means, identifying as a redhead, his best and worst, and traveling to India. A fantastic talk with an amazing artist and person- don't miss it!

Oct 13, 2015
#RockYourLife Day 13!

Today, look for the beauty in the moment, even when working on your goal. Strive to love the ordinary parts of life, the ones when no one is watching, the ones when you are just YOU, the ones where it’s easy to go through the motions. Right now is all we have! Live in the moment even when you are looking forward!

Oct 12, 2015
#RockYourLife Day 12!

Today is a great day to take one thing you have been putting off and DO IT.

We all have them. It’s something that hangs over you every day, and you are gonna do that thing today.

Because anyone rockin’ knows that you take action, you do the thing you gotta do, and you move. Forward motion requires that. And your rocking life is the type that makes things happen.

Oct 11, 2015
#RockYourLife Day 11!

Our brain gets trained in many ways, and the more we are looking for things to be grateful for, the more we will see them everywhere. It’s the VW bug syndrome of gratitude. The more you look for it, the more you see it everywhere.

Who has said something kind to you that made a difference? Would they be surprised to know it meant that much to you? Tell them. Snail mail it or go big and go public on Facebook. It will take you less than ten minutes today. Get to it, rock star!

Oct 10, 2015
#RockYourLife Day 10!

Yes, this might be a misleading title. But to truly develop new habits and achieve your dreams, ya gotta catch those zzzz’s.

Set yourself up for successful sleep tonight and see how you feel tomorrow. Maybe you will make it a regular thing! I mean, who said there’s no such thing as a daytime rock star?

Oct 9, 2015
#RockYourLife Day 9!

It’s important to remember that no one is going to take care of YOU but YOU. Starting a monthly practice of scheduling something just for you- really making an appointment and putting it on the calendar- is good for your mental state because it has been proven to aid with health, stress, and mood, just to name a few great benefits! Plus, it gives you something to look forward to!

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