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Sep 30, 2015
#RockYourLife MONTH SERIES: Intro

Join me for DAILY reminders that can accumulate in your life to make it more rockin' every single day!

We all know that little things add up, so take my daily ONE or TWO MINUTE video or audio reminder (stream them in your car! listen in the morning!) and add them to your day to make YOUR rock-star-ness take off, and your life shine in new ways!

Sep 29, 2015
Episode 4: The Real World of Podcasting (and more) with Johnny Goudie

Amy talks podcasting, self-doubt, music, inconvenient bathroom trips and more on this episode with a super-real, super-fun dude: Johnny Goudie! Don't miss his podcast 'How Did I Get Here?' and be sure to check out the song Johnny talked about, "You Can't Pretend Forever," here!

And, the intro features a drop in from Kristina Krause, Amy's old bandmate from The Cover Girls! More about Kris here and all her new music, here!

Sep 22, 2015
Episode 3: Real Life on Tour with Dwight Baker

Join Amy as she chats with Dwight Baker: musician, music producer and one half of the duo The Wind + The Wave. We go in depth about life on the road without your family, finding your tribe, Trailer Park Boys, hangovers and more!

Sep 15, 2015
Episode 2: Real Style with Sarah Ellison Lewis

Talking style, small biz, appreciating your roots, and dinner with the Beckhams this week on The Real Show! Featuring fashion stylist-turned-entrepreneur Sarah Ellison Lewis of Bootleg market, one of the best-dressed people around…. and Sarah even imparts some style advice. Don't miss!

Sep 8, 2015
Episode 1: Keeping it Real with Nak Armstrong

Join Amy and CFDA award-winning jeweler Nak Armstrong as they talk about authenticity, creativity, friend breakups and dude makeup. You never know where things are going to go on The Real Show!

See Nak's amazing work at